Can I upload my video to watch or share online? | U.S. Figure Skating Video FAQs

Can I upload my video to watch or share online?

Videos are for personal use only, and all copyright is owned by U.S. Figure Skating. As in past years, you will have the ability to share your online link with friends and family, or upload your source video to social media websites, if allowed by the website and by the other copyright holders (such as musical composers).

Here are some articles on how to share videos on popular video sharing sites online:

To Share on Facebook 

To Share on YouTube 

To Share on Vimeo:

When sharing a video online, please note:

  • You must have the legal right to post and share the video (this includes music rights - some websites may take your video down if they deem the music rights to by protected by the author or artist). 
  • You cannot post videos of other students/athletes from whom you do not have explicit permission to do so. Please respect the privacy of other competitors.